Answering Psychology Questions

Question 1

The brain of a human being is portioned into two hemispheres, named the right and the left hemispheres. Every hemisphere plays a different set of roles, controls, and behaviors (Melina). The right hemisphere is termed as the creative part of the brain, whereas, the left hemisphere is the analytical or logical side of the brain. The right hemisphere tends to be much dominant in the creative functions, thus, it controls the left part of the human body. The right hemisphere also gets the information from the left part of the body. The left hemisphere processes information in a more sequential way. Therefore, the left hemisphere is considered as the dominant because it controls the common activities such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The left hemisphere is dominant because it is involved in the management of memory for spoken and messages in written form; and also it plays a principle role in the psychoanalysis of information.

Many people have the dominant side of the brain and they rely onto processing the basic information using the dominant side. But it does not mean people utilize the half of the brain only, because the dominance is regarding the matters of the left and the right part of the brain in performing activities and processing information (Melina). However, thinking and learning are enabled when both the right and the left side of the brain are utilized in a balanced manner.

In most schools, the left side brain strategies are implemented in teaching students. Thus, such teaching strategies favor the left side dominant students as compared to the right side dominant students. The students with left side dominant are best in linear and sequential processes, such as math and languages. The researchers also advocate and have proved that left side brain learners are great at following instructions and planning of activities. These students are proven to be best in lecture-style and teaching techniques.

The left side students are found to be able to express themselves easily in words as compared to the right side brain students. The latter are also good in listening, but they are not good in framing their thoughts in the right words when it comes to expressions. Writing and spelling involve sequencing and planning of letters and words, thus, left side brain students are good in writing and spelling. Moreover, such students are good in listening and making notes during the lecture; hence, it proves that left side brain students are good at planning and arranging. Therefore, the left side of the brain is proved to be dominant (Melina).

Question 2

The human brain is plastic. Brain plasticity refers to the ability of the brain to modify, reorganize, and change in response to injuries or changes in the environment in which a person lives (Landau). The human brain has the ability to change over time throughout the lifespan of a person. Research shows that the human brain has the ability to repair and reorganize itself, and get back to its normal functioning condition. However, this repair and reorganization largely depends on two main factors: the age of a person and the extent of the damage. When the brain is damaged, it is the neurons connectivity that is destroyed. During reorganization and repair, new neurons are formed through a process known as neurogenesis. 

Since 1930s, brain scientists have been researching more on brain plasticity. According to research and studies on brain reorganization, the ability of the brain to change, reorganize, and learn new materials declines with age (DeAngelis). This means that an aged person may not have brain plasticity as young people. For instance, when the right hemisphere of the brain of a child is damaged, the language is reorganized in the right hemisphere which does not happen in adulthood (DeAngelis). 

Brain reorganization takes place by a process known as axonal sprouting. During this process, axons sprout from the part of the brain that is not damaged create new axons, which grow new nerves that reconnect neurons (Landau). Also, undamaged axons can produce nerve endings that join with other undamaged nerve cells. This reunion helps to make new links and new neural pathways in the damaged brain. The brain reorganizes by forming fresh connections between undamaged neurons. The reorganization and the formation of new connections can be at an amazing speed. Research shows that new connections in the brain can form rather quickly, if the neurons are simulated to do so through the activity (DeAngelis).

In the study to determine the reorganization speed of the brain, researchers damaged small part of the brain of several monkeys (Landau). The damage was found to have resulted in the loss of coordination in the hand movement. The researchers noted that for the brain to reorganize, the undamaged neurons needed simulation in order to recover quickly (Landau). According to the researchers, the speed of forming new connections depends on imitation to do so through the activity (Landau). Brain workouts aid brain plasticity and reorganization. 

The speed at which the brain reorganizes itself back to the normal functioning condition can be advanced through physical activities that boost the growth of connections (Landau). As aforementioned, reorganization and recovery of the damaged brain differs from one person to another. Some people may recover completely, while others do experience some brain impairment. Some people will require lengthy period and process for them to have either partial or full recovery of their normal brain functioning.

The brain has a potential to reorganize back to its original form or have partial recovery. For example, over 80% of people who suffer traumatic brain injury in the US recover completely after treatment (Landau). Reorganization is dependent on the age of a person and the extent of the damage. Neurogenesis refers to the formation of new neurons in the brain.


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